Nature of the Case

Plaintiffs allege that: (1) Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare owns, manufactures, and distributes Products labeled as “C + Collagen” and purporting to contain collagen, when in reality, the Products do not contain any collagen; (2) Class Members lost money in the form of the price premium they paid for Products which falsely claim to contain collagen— that is, had they known that the Products did not contain collagen, they would not have purchased the Products, let alone paid a “premium” for such a valued benefit. Plaintiffs seek injunctive relief, restitutionary, actual, statutory, compensatory, and punitive damages, as well as reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.

Defendant Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare argues that its “C + Collagen” line is labeled “vegan” and “cruelty free”; therefore, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare denies that the Product labeled “C + Collagen” contain any animal parts, including collagen. Instead, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare contends that the Products contain Vitamin C, which promotes production of collagen in human skin, among other arguments. In addition, Defendant contends that the plus sign in the Products’ name and Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s logo denotes the clinical nature of the Products. Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare denies that it charged a premium and asserts that consumers suffered no harm because they received what they paid for.

The Court has not determined which side in this lawsuit is right. It has only ordered that the matter may proceed on a class wide basis. The Parties have not yet settled the case. There are no guarantees that the Parties will reach a settlement or that there will be money to be distributed.

Who Is a Class Member?

All persons who purchased the C + Collagen Deep Cream, C + Collagen Eye Cream, C + Collagen Vitamin C Serum, or the C + Collagen Mist (the “Products”) in the State of California, for personal use and not for resale during March 10, 2016, to April 4, 2023 (collectively referred to as the “Class”).

Excluded from the Class are: (1) Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare, LLC’s (hereinafter “Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare” or “Defendant”) officers, directors, and employees, and any individual who received remunerations from Defendant in connection with that individual’s use or endorsement of the Products; (2) any judicial officer presiding over this matter, members of their immediate family, and members of their judicial staff.


Your Legal Rights and Options

Option and Deadline

Your Legal Rights

Do Nothing

no deadline

Stay in this lawsuit. Await the outcome. Give up your right to sue in a separate lawsuit with different lawyers.

If you are a Class Member and you do nothing, you keep the possibility of getting money or benefits that may come from the lawsuit. But, you give up your right to sue Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare separately about the same legal claims in this lawsuit, and you will be bound by the Court’s decisions and by the final judgment, whether it is favorable or not. You will be represented by the law firms court-appointed to serve as Class Counsel representing the Class Members. However, at your option, you may also enter an appearance through your own lawyer. You may be asked to provide proof of class membership at a later time.

Exclude Yourself or Opt Out

by August 14, 2023

Get out of this lawsuit. Get no benefits. Keep your right to sue in a separate lawsuit with different lawyers.

Excluding yourself means you have decided not to participate in the lawsuit. This is the only option that allows you to individually exercise any rights you currently may have regarding the claims or potential claims against Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare that are at issue in this lawsuit. If you “opt out,” you still have the right to pursue any claims you have with a lawyer of your choice at your own expense in a separate lawsuit or through the grievance procedure set forth in your applicable collective bargaining agreement. You will not lose any claims you have by requesting exclusion from the Class in this lawsuit. However, you will not be able to share in any money recovered in this class action.

If you elect to be excluded from the lawsuit, you must deliver your personally signed Opt-Out request postmarked by August 14, 2023 to the Class Administrator, PO Box 3637, Baton Rouge, LA 70821.

Dates and Deadlines

Exclusion Deadline

August 14, 2023

Trial Date

November 5, 2024